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Is The 'Empowered Living Challenge'

For Me...??

Yes! This ‘Empowered Living Challenge’ is especially for you if...

  • You've read dozens or more of self help books and was never getting the results that you were expecting
  • You are new to self-awareness and personal development and feel you are too late to change (Hint: YOU are not “late”... You just need top learn the right technics and tools to kickstart your journey...)
  • You started to chase Freedom but it always seems to escape you and you feel disappointed, lost...
  • ​You think a challenge wouldn't work for you because you believe you are “different”...

If you nodded or said “yes” to any of the above, then YES, this FREE 5-Day Empowered Living Challenge is 100% for you.


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...and I’ll guide you, step-by-step on how to create an Empowered Life for you, your family, and the people around you... and step into your life of Freedom, Success and Joy!

The Empowered Living Challenge Will Walk You Through Step-By-Step

How To Gain “Freedom” And Create a step by step plan to your life of purpose and success...

...And regain control over your time Without destroying your wealth Or Falling Prey To “quick wins mindset”!

Here’s What You Can Expect From The 5-Day Challenge:


Freedom & Empowerment

In this foundation lesson, we will embark on a journey towards personal freedom and empowerment. We will explore the profound meaning and significance of these concepts and their impact on our lives. By understanding the benefits they bring and identifying the barriers that hold us back, we can develop effective strategies to overcome limitations and pave the way for personal growth.

Together, we will discover how personal freedom and empowerment can enhance various aspects of your life, from relationships to personal well-being. Through practical techniques and approaches, we will learn how to break free from obstacles and unleash our true potential.

  • Understanding the true meaning of personal Freedom.
  • Discover the transformative power of empowerment.
  • Uncover the barriers that hinder your personal freedom & empowerment.


The Power of Self-Awareness

Delve into the profound and transformative realm of self-awareness. Embark on a journey of personal growth and empowerment as we explore the depths of self-awareness and unlock the key to unleashing your true potential.

Discover how self-awareness acts as a guiding light, illuminating your thoughts, emotions, and actions. By developing a keen understanding of yourself, you can navigate life with clarity and intention, paving the way for profound personal transformation.

Through practical techniques and exercises, you will gain valuable insights into your inner world, unraveling the layers of self-awareness to uncover your authentic self

  • Understand the concept of self-awareness and its profound significance.
  • Explore how self-awareness positively impacts personal growth, relationships, and overall well-being.
  • Learn practical methods to enhance self-awareness and gain deeper insights into your inner world.


Mastering the Mindset

Discover the power of your thoughts and beliefs, and how they shape your perspective and actions. By mastering your mindset, you can break free from limiting beliefs, embrace resilience, and create a foundation for personal growth and empowerment.

Through practical techniques and exercises, you will learn how to cultivate a positive mindset, develop a growth-oriented attitude, and overcome obstacles with unwavering determination. Embrace the power of your mindset as it becomes the driving force propelling you towards personal freedom and empowerment.

  • Gain a clear understanding of what mindset means and how it shapes your perspective, thoughts, and actions.
  • Discover how your mindset can either propel you forward or hold you back on your path to personal growth and empowerment.
  • Learn practical strategies and exercises to cultivate a positive mindset, reframe limiting beliefs, and foster a resilient and empowering attitude towards life.


Embrace Your Inner Strength

Self-confidence acts as a guiding force, empowering you to overcome obstacles, embrace challenges, and step into your true potential. By building self-confidence, you unlock the courage to pursue your dreams and navigate through life with resilience and self-assurance.

Through practical techniques and exercises, you will learn how to boost your self-confidence, overcome self-doubt, and embrace your unique qualities and abilities. Discover the power of positive self-talk, embracing failures as learning opportunities, and surrounding yourself with supportive environments that nurture your growth.

  • Gain a clear understanding of what self-confidence means and its profound impact on various aspects of your life.
  • Discover how self-confidence serves as a catalyst for embracing challenges, taking risks, and realizing your full potential.
  • Learn practical strategies and exercises to boost your self-confidence, overcome self-doubt, and embrace your unique qualities and abilities.


Thriving in Your Empowered Life

In this final day, we will explore strategies to maintain and thrive in your empowered life. Building on the foundations we've established throughout this course, we will delve into the practical steps and mindset shifts necessary to sustain the personal freedom and empowerment you have achieved.

You will also be able to access guest sessions from special guest coaches that will speak about their mindset and how to maintain personal freedom and empowerment.

  • Discover practical techniques and approaches to integrate personal freedom and empowerment into your daily life, ensuring a continuous journey of growth and fulfillment.
  • Learn how to navigate common challenges that may arise on your path to personal freedom and empowerment, and embrace them as opportunities for further growth and transformation.
  • Guest coaches sessions.

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Your Host During This

5-Day Empowered Living Challenge

Vivien Roggero

Vivien Roggero is an Executive Empowerment Coach, who was trained and certified by Jay Shetty and created the One Freedom™ Framework a life and coaching framework centered around Success through Freedom.

Before being a coach Vivien Roggero was a success IT executive who worked in many countries with Decacorns, Unicorns, startups and corporations. 

He was also in 2022 the recipient of the Brainz 500 award next to Vishen Lakhiani founder of Mindvalley. And was recognized this year in the Entrepreneurs Herald as one of the top 20 2023 Lifecoach. 

Vivien's Guests

Vivien will be joined by 4 incredible guest coaches during the Empowered Living Challenge:

- Jennifer Certad, Professional Confidence Mindset Coach
- Augustinus Gibran, professional life coach & Wellbeing Facilitator
Josh Alexander, Life and love coach
- Jean Kim, Professional life coach

Do not miss the opportunity to learn from Vivien and this four amazing guest coaches. Their sessions will multiply the impact of 

Your Chance To Achieve The Empowered Life You've Always Wanted Is Right Now...

...Will You Take It?

Ready To Create A Thriving Life From Anywhere You Are In Just 5 Days?

What You Can Expect

From The Empowered Living Challenge!

Before The Challenge

  • Feel lost in your life
  • Feel uncertain and stuck without being able to take any decision
  • Lack a concrete action plan
  • Lose drive, motivation and start detaching yourself from your friends, family and your life

After The Challenge

  • Achieve a crystal clear direction for your life
  • Feel confident you are making the right moves
  • Have a step-by-step action plan to build your Empowered life
  • Gain the drive and motivation to make progress every day!

Here's Everything You Get When You Sign Up For

'The Empowered Living Challenge'


  • FREE! 5 days of learning on how to raise awareness, master your inner strength and build an Empowered Life, using Freedom as your core! ($1,995 Value)
  • FREE! Access to our private 'Empowered Living Challenge' Facebook group, where you can get more advice, make connections, and receive support during the challenge! (PRICELESS!)
  • FREE! My awareness and empowered living workbook to help maximize your challenges – helping you achieve awareness 10X faster! ($395 Value)

Normally: $2,390

Today's Price: FREE!

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  • FREE! Certificate of completion showing that you care about taking actionable steps to a better life


5-Day Virtual Event: 'Empowered Living' Challenge!


Monday 5 - Friday 9 of June
@ 08:00 PM CST


Because this is YOUR time to create YOUR life and take YOUR space  into this world!

Now's The Time To Get Off The Sidelines And Get In The Game...

Join 'The Empowered Living Challenge' Today!



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